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This posting is not made for the sake of slandering but only to tell my bad experience with this breeder Armor Boerboel

May 2013 i had traded a great breeding quality male boerboel with all Sabt papers work, for a female puppy she was about 5 month old after communicating with Joe and Ashley more from Armor Boerboel

At the time of the exchange i was promised all the papers work for my new puppy from Joe more.and wife Ashley.

They told me clearly(i do have emails)that the paper work for my new pup will be issue and will come from Sabt Africa.

and that it will take few month I WAS OK WITH THAT

I waiting about 5 month and NO PAPERS

I called Joe and requested more information, and his reply after 5 month was that he decided that he dose not feel comfortable giving me a breeder birth certificate .

I was upset as he had promised me my papers on the exchange and now he is backing out .

Then he email me a message on face book, telling me to bring my dog when she is close to a year and he will check her out and then will make another decision.

I called Sabt in Africa and they told me that JOE NEVER FILED OR REQUESTED ANY BIRTH CRT WITH MY NAME ON IT.


When i called Joe and told him what Sabt told me about his lie, he yelled and screamed at me and told me to go F... myself, and now he will give me nothing.

I had tried over and over to contact him and his partner Ashley but no reply back.

Now i have a beautiful pup, and with out papers i can not breed her.

Armor Boerboel as acted not as a professional breeder but more as a bully .as he kept reminding me about his black belt.


Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles #787555

I had very good experience with armor boerboel. To me very nice people. I have two boerboel from them.

Willemstad, Curacao.

to Cesar Riedel West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #788292

Lucky you

He screwed me


Till today Joe more and Armor boerboel

Ignoring my request to provide me with the papers

for my female boerboel

This breeder is shady

to AMI1111 #1006311

That's horrible. I have a female from them I wonder if it's from kimbo

to Anonymous #1006498

I wish I can get a pup from Kimbo

This was the only thing I wanted back

That Kimbo and the femal he gave me to have 1 litter

Things got little better with them now

Maybe soon I will be able to buy s make pup of Kimbo

In this point I don't mind for the papers But I hope Joe will give me a good deal since I gave him a great dog name Kimbo I am sure joe and Ashley will do the right thing Which in the point I will work harr to remove the complaint out Did you get papers ? Ami

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